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Roboticbar accepts the Prague Nightlife Ticket

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Karlovy Lázně​

Free Alcohol Mist Balloon Shot

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A pair of super-advanced Kuka robots mix the cocktails at this totally unique venue — one place where you’ll never get into an argument with the barkeeper.

And if that’s not enough novelty for you, humans serve special alcohol mist shots.

Taking the shot is simple: Breathe out completely. Breathe in alcohol mist from the balloon. Hold your breath for 10 seconds. Repeat. Do not exhale immediately.

Yes the balloon shots do get you drunk but, interestingly, not for as long as the alcohol does not sit in your stomach: if you take one shot and wait 30 minutes it typically doesn’t appear on breathalyzer tests anymore.

Roboticbar is a sister venue of mega-club Karlovy Lazne (who else would pull off this kind of place). Both venues are connected and located in the same building. Entry to Karlovy Lazne is free with the Nightlife Ticket.